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Review - Hera, Queen of Gods by T. D. Thomas (Goddess Unbound #1)

Hello there! After a long period of extreme work and a decent period of vacations, I'm back to reading and blogging (hopefully).

The latest series I've been loving is the Goddess Unbound series by T. D. Thomas. I've received the first book in 2012, actually, and seem to have misplaced the file until I found it during my vacations and read it in one day. It was amazing and I was dying to share with you but, more than anything, I needed the sequel, so I got that one and the review is coming up soon too.

When the Fates go missing, most likely kidnapped, Hera, Queen of the Gods, has to descend into the mortal world to try and find them in a city that is being kept in the dark from the Gods, with a dark cloud stopping them form seeing. She and 6 other gods take mortal bodies - teen bodies, for teenagers understand it better than anyone that it's all about power - and start looking for the Fates. Zeus, Hera, Athena, Demeter, Artemis, Apollo and Hermes take mortal bodies and roam the world, looking for any sign or information about the Fates, who took them or what they are planning on... When they stumble into Justin, a mere mortal teen boy.

Strangely, Justin seems to be able to tell there's something wrong with those people who used to be random students at his school and are now banded together using weird "nicknames". When their cover story doesn't work well (not as easy to hide the truth when you are using your powers and a giant is after you), they are forced to tell him the truth. He's taken along and proves himself quite useful, but I won't spoil anything.

One of the interesting points was that the Gods were only allowed to take one power each, because the mortal bodies couldn't hold all of their powers. Hera took the power of mind control, through her eyes, Zeus took strength, Athena mind reading, Demeter plant control, Artemis shapeshifting, Apollo healing and Hermes invisibility. But since they are used to having so many powers, it's hard for them to survive with only one and when they find out that these mortal bodies are more frail than they thought, well, things start getting scary.

Monsters keep going after them, specifically, Pythons and Harpies. All the time. Everywhere they go. So not only they have to fight the monsters and, usually, run, because they aren't as powerful as they would be and there are many monsters, they still have to find the Fates, whoever kidnapped them AND stop whatever plan they may have that, the Fates being as powerful as they are, most likely is something like destroying the fabric of reality.

It is supposed to be a YA story, since the main characters are either teenagers or in teenagers' bodies, but I can barely picture them as 17-18 year olds, it seems like they are so mature, even the non-god(esse)s ones, that it's hard to picture them as young teens. Besides, the themes on the book and the way they're portrayed is quite grown up, which makes it hard to believe it's YA. So I wouldn't recommend for young or impressionable people, but older teens, that would be awesome.

You can buy Hera, Queen of Gods (Goddess Unbound) at Amazon (link on the book title), I mean, it's under US$ 1,00! It's only US$ 0,93 and it's an amazing book, you can't say no to that, can you? No you can't, I knew that :)

So, now, click click, go buy! And keep tuned for the sequel's review!

Mayara Arend, Brazilian Book Worm

Review - Hera, Queen of Gods by T. D. Thomas (Goddess Unbound #1)

Review: Hera, Queen of Gods

So to be upfront, I’m not a huge young adult fan. Given the glut of YA that’ve popped out in recent years and the rather unimpressive writing that goes along with them, I tread carefully with YA.

Hera, Queen of Gods follows Hera as she leads a handful of the Olympic gods on Earth as they run after the Fates. Bound in mortal form and with only one power each, the gods must battle against their inner politics, the problems of Olympus, and the forces of darkness as they try to recover one of the most powerful beings around.

The entire story is rife with Greek mythology and its inner workings, and although some of the more intricate details are explained, anyone who isn’t familiar with the pantheon and the more popular parts of Greek mythology should bone up before reading this. It’s not for the Greek-ignorant. While I can understand not wanting to break into the incredibly lengthy and rich past for every character, a few more details here and there would have greatly helped for people who aren’t well-versed in the mythos.

Having said that, Hera is a strong, sympathetic character. As the goddess who’s constantly cheated on and given unhappy circumstances in her personal and professional life (Corralling those gods would be a majorly sucky job, let’s be honest), it’s easy to see how she’s developed the strength of character in adversity, and why she makes some choices. It’s also understandable why the first sign of positive male attention leaves her in a strange, difficult situation. Yes, there’s romantic elements. No, they’re not graphic. They’re quite sweet, so no need for parental concern about sex.

Because of the accelerating timeframe and rapid developments in the plot, the action turnaround is fast and furious. There are some points in the novel that have so many quick switcharounds that I would have appreciated some breathing space to really get into Hera’s head and feel more of her. For a book that has the first person POV, there’s not very much in the way of internal monologue. She feels a bit set apart from the reader, and I Think the book would have been better off as third person for that reason. If we’d had more time and space with her, it would have really used first person to full effect.

Still, this in no way ruins the story, which in and of itself, is fantastic. The mystery of who took the Fates and who the heck is this Justin guy who keeps helping keeps you in suspense throughout. There are consequences for the characters—gods who die and mortals who perish. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, and it’s bloody glorious.

M. Dunham, Indie Books R Us

Review: Hera, Queen of Gods

Hera, Queen of Gods (Goddess Unbound, #1) by T.D. Thomas: My Thoughts

When the Fates are kidnapped, Hera the Queen of gods along with Zeus, Hermes, Athena, Apollo, Demeter and Artemis must take on a human mortal form and go down to Earth in order to save them and all of the humanity.

Hera, Queen of Gods was exciting, entertaining, dramatic and very action packed. The last thing Hera expected when she took on the mortal body was to have her world change so drastically. The Queen of Gods soon realizes that being in a mortal body comes with a great prize. The Queen who could care less about anything other than doing her rightful duty, soon finds herself facing challenges that are brand new to her. When she meets Justin, a mortal that changes her every negative view she once had on the mortals.

The book was exciting, and really a much quicker read. Once you get involved in the story, things happen so rapidly, that you just want to stay immersed and keep up. True, the book has a lot of action and adventure and quiet a bit of fight scenes, so I would say anyone who like having a bunch of those in their books, will probably enjoy this adventure. It is also an interesting take on the Greek Mythology and their gods. The book is obviously through Hera's eyes and an interesting intake on Hera's personality.

What I liked about this book.

I enjoyed the plot, it was very fast and kept me on the edge. With the book constantly rolling I found myself staying up many nights in order to finish it. Sometimes it was hard to get away in the middle of things. I liked Demeter, her powers very interesting and she was kind of very sweet. The relationship between Zeus and Hera equally perked up my attention. Artemis was exciting and strong character, sometimes I liked her better then Hera. Hera's character at the beginning. She was kind of ruthless but strong and independent and she did stand for what she believes. She came to Earth to save the Fates and find who is responsible in kidnapping them and why and had to make a lot of tough decisions.

What I could have went without

The dynamics between Hera and Justin, I wasn't feeling it. It reminded me of puppy love and every time Justin proclaimed his love it was kind of dramatic and made me giggle – hard not to roll my eyes. Way too much death in the book, thought I cannot complain much about that – after all Greek Mythology isn't all fun and roses it is deep and dark.

This book had a bit of an adult feel too it, I think it could have been swung either way if you pretended they weren't teenagers they were acting as adults basically. Well, they are much older in their immortal forms.

Other than that, I really enjoyed and liked this book. It was different and interesting and a really great read!

Lily, Lily Pond Reads

Hera, Queen of Gods by T.D. Thomas: Interview, Review and Giveaway!

Book Review: Hera, Queen of Gods by: T.D. Thomas

Rating: 4/5

Review: The Greek Gods have come to Earth! There are just a few small wrinkles though – they inhabit human bodies limited to only one power out of their normal arsenal and searching for the Fates who have been taken isn’t as easy without them. They find themselves blocked from the truth and attacked at every turn. Will they discover the strange alliance behind this plot and be able to stop them before they end all of existence?

I’ve loved Greek mythology ever since I was little and I was very excited to read ‘Hera, Queen of Gods’. Even if you only have a passing knowledge of the Greek gods, you’ll understand the characters. I liked the uniqueness of the plot and I felt the author gave good insights into the gods, Hera especially (obviously!). I feel Hera doesn’t have enough “good press”. She is portrayed as a harridan most of the time but she’s a woman hurt by a very complicated marriage. Now she’s in the body of a human teenage girl…

I enjoyed the non-stop action and I really got into both the story and the characters. I am looking forward to further books in the "Goddess Unbound" series!

Star, The Bibliophilic Book Blog

Book Review: Hera, Queen of Gods by: T.D. Thomas

Book Review #2- Hera, Queen of Gods by T.D. Thomas

The gods are here.

Hera. Zeus. Athena. Demeter. Hermes. Artemis. Apollo.

They have come down to earth in mortal form in order to find the Fates. However, finding the Fates turns out to be more challenging than the gods anticipated. The gods are used to being very powerful but in order to not kill the mortal bodies they are in, they each had to take only one power with them. The problem is the longer they are in their mortal bodies, the more human each of them becomes. Luckily, a mortal, Justin, who becomes entangled in their realities and mission after saving Hera from a brutal attack by humans at the school, and he helps guide the gods through the mortal world that they have not visited in, I believe it is, centuries.

There is nothing more important to Hera than fulfilling her duties as queen. Not even her husband, Zeus (for good reasons, I might add.) However, morality begins to affect Hera- how she feels, thinks, acts, speaks, what is important to her. She is torn between who she is becoming and who she needs to be in order to fulfill her duty. Hera needs to figure out how to deal with the changes and figure out how to find the missing goddesses. Existence in both the Heavens and the Earth is at stake.

T.D. Thomas had me hooked from the opening scene in Chapter One. The reader is thrown into a scenario already in play that doesn't even make much sense. So, naturally, you keep reading to figure out what in the blue hell is going on, right? It was the perfect way to begin a story about all-powerful gods who have been plunged into the mortal world.

I like that there are so many twists and turns- even when it is predictable something is unpredictable about it. I love that! If you have been reading my blog long enough you know I become bored VERY easily (curse of the A.D.D.), so when this is done correctly, as it is in this book, I will lavish praise on it like it is the best thing since sliced bread.

I love a fantasy YA book where all of the characters are intelligent- every last one of them (even the evil ones.) I love when a book assumes the reader is intelligent and doesn't talk down to them. I felt a couple of times things were over-explained but it is YA after all and maybe what I think is obvious would not be so obvious to my younger self. Overall, Thomas did a fantastic job with this. I was so impressed, especially since this is a DEBUT BOOK PEOPLE!!!

The only thing I would have changed is there were a couple of times when I thought a situation was too drawn out and could have been more succinct and packed a more powerful punch. But it was only two or three times and the next event to happen was so powerful, I couldn't help but forgive that.

If you enjoy stories about gods or supernatural stories or fantasy stories or YA stories, or you know, just plain good writing, then I recommend this book. I cannot wait for the second book to come out and this one was just released! Ugh, this is why I don't read series until they are complete!

Becca, Lost in Books

Book Review #2- Hera, Queen of Gods by T.D. Thomas


As soon as I read the blurb, I knew. This was a book I just had to read. Nothing however had prepared me for Hera, Queen of the Gods. The book exceeded even my most wildest expectations And went somewhere not a lot of books have gone: the top of my all-time-favorite list. I had no other choice. With every word I read I was sucked in more and more. I couldn’t stop to catch my breath, or do other things. I could do nothing but sit back and enjoy the ride. And what a ride it was!

The book took off with a well-designed story and even greater world-building. There were explanations for everything. From how gods are able to walk among humans to how mortals were unable to detect the humans. Everything fit. Even the smallest details were taken care off. And those were what made it so interesting! There were also some very interesting new aspects that made the book even better. I won’t elaborate, this is something you’ll have to read yourself .

The story was also brilliant. In this book it’s all about one question: where are the Fates? Without them the world will crumble. And why would someone take them? The answer to those two questions are slowly revealed throughout the story. At least the why and what a well-thought why it was! The who remained a mystery till the end. Till the big show-down. And made my mouth drop open from surprise. It was so not who I thought it would be! Which made me like the book even more.

This book is also not as “fluffy” as I thought it would be. A Disney fairy-tale where only the bad guys die and everyone has a happily ever after. No, there are hard choices to be made. Choices that sometimes are not easy at all and have deadly consequences. There were multiple times where I had to blink my tears away. And some events baffle me still. Events I’ve never would have thought of, events that have far-reaching consequences. And I’m very curious how T.D. Thomas will process this in the next book!

And now something about this book’s protagonist: Hera. The Queen of Gods. To be honest this is the first book, that I can remember, where she’s the good guy. A nice person, instead of the bitter, jealous wife of a cheating husband. I liked seeing her from another point of view. I finally got to know her in this book. I could finally see the real person goddess behind all the bitterness. All the suffering she felt every time Zeus cheated on her. And the sacrifices she has made over the eons. How she’s willing to do so much for other people. Even if this means she will be unhappy and lonely. This book was a real eye-opener for me! From now on Hera will be a kick-ass goddess for me, instead of the jealous wife. Someone willing to die for the greater good. She’s one of the best goddesses to have around. Even if she can be haughty

Hera also grows tremendously in this book. From a very superior, detached queen of the gods she slowly becomes more human Or at least willing to talk to humans. I could actually see this progress happening from the way she spoke and her thoughts. At the beginning of the book she sounded like an ancient Goddess. This changes throughout the story, till you feel you’re dealing with a very mature teenager. She became more human and I was very glad for her. She doesn’t have to seclude herself! She too deserves some happiness!

Hera didn’t change on her own, no there was a reason for this transformation: Justin. He shows her isn’t alone. That she has friends and that she doesn’t have to keep everything inside. It’s okay to talk about problems with other people. That she can open her heart. That she doesn’t have to stay with her cheating scumbag of a husband (something I’ve always wondered: why didn’t she leave him?) And I’m so grateful to Justin for doing so. Hera deserves every happiness she can get!

Conclusion: 5 hearts. This book deserves no less. The story is handled very well. Everything fit and ran seamlessly. It was full of action and surprises. It held me captivated till the and. I finally got to know the real Hera, the Hera behind the mask of jealous and revengeful wife and the boy who changed here. I’m so glad for that last part . It’s a story that you won’t be able to put down. A story where sometimes tears will fall. Above all it’s a story you must have read. Therefore I strongly urge everyone to do so.

Iris, Witchmag's Boekenplank

Review: Hera, Queen of Gods by T.D. Thomas

Hera Queen of Gods by T.D. Thomas

If you like mythology, you should read this. If you love Greek mythology, you HAVE to read this.

T.D. captures Hera's attitude with excellent precision. He KNOWS Hera, like only significant research and total respect for the Gods could account for. Hera's feelings toward Zeus are an example of this: "I loved him, but I hated him too." Her duty as queen, and how it takes its toll on her, is heartbreaking and completely believable.

T.D. handles anticipation brilliantly, like he can see into the reader's head. Escaping from mythic creatures, seeking out help when time is against them, the gambles they have to take, struggling to stay alive in a mortal world they don't understand... It made the book a powerful page turner.

There was a subtle, vicarious kind of pleasure that came from reading this, as though my old feelings from High School were being played out on the page. Things I never dared to say, or much less do, were captured in their totality; many kudos to the author for his keen awareness and sheer mastery of the late teenage years!

I was distraught by the deaths that occured within the group and thought the subsequent trauma was well captured in the writing. Their perils brought out the most in the characters. Each person's or god's true natures were shown a lot of the time through the struggles they faced so we got to know them all really well.

The witches were an excellent supporting cast in this. Their contrasting abilities kept the story fresh and made sure we could never be sure what to expect next.

"Hera Queen of Gods" is one thrill after another, keeping readers on their toes. From the very beginning to the shocking turn at the end, there wasn't a single moment of downtime.

It all came full circle in the end. But it wasn't quite an "end" like you'd expect. Not at all. A whole series could come of the very last sentence and they would be as thrilling and original as the first.

5/5 crescents

Elora, Lunar Haven Reviews and Designs

Hera Queen of Gods by T.D. Thomas

"Hera, Queen of Gods"

So one of my obsessions in the book world is books that have characters who are gods or goddesses. Basically any book that has mythology or the greek or roman gods or goddesses is a book I’m going to jump at the chance to read. So when the author asked me if I wanted to read Hera’s story I jumped at the chance, I love seeing how authors add new twists and turns to old tales on the Heavens and the rulers that live there.

The big thing that any reader is going to notice when they read this book is the fact that the characters jump right out at you. Each god or goddess had to come down from the Heavens and inhabit the body of a mortal teenager, they could only bring one power with them to Earth, their mission is to rescue the Fates. There is Hera, obviously the Queen of Gods, who is a stubborn, determined, and decisive character. Zeus is in the body of the resident jock and he has his super strength along with his higher than thou attitude. Athena holds Zeus in the palm of her hand and she is the one in the group who helps to bring all plans about with her wisdom. Hermes is the average looking teenage boy who can turn invisible and is a valued fighter in their group for his quickness. Apollo is there for his healing nature and for the fact that his twin sister Artemis will not leave Hera’s side, she is Hera’s body guard and can morph into any animal. Lastly, there is Hera’s sister, Demeter who can control plants and is there to support her queen sister. Well that is all the gods but there are also mortals who enter the picture and the one who stays the longest is Justin, a mortal who has extreme power even though he doesn’t know it yet. I have to say out of the whole group I loved them all but Justin and Hera shine because they are the main characters.

The big thing that I loved beside the whole cast of characters is how awesome this book was written. I love YA books but I almost feel it would cheapen this book to just call it a YA book. I feel it was a little more like a New Adult book for the fact that several of the themes and thoughts of the gods just seemed so large and in charge. So I loved the mix of the real problems that the gods and goddesses were dealing with. Each one of them is an extremely powerful person where they come from but on Earth they have to learn how to handle themselves in a more mortal way which brings them some clarity and strength. The characters seem themselves as indestructible but they have a lot to learn and being on the mortal world once again will teach them more about humanity and a strong emotion called love that none of them expected. I really loved how Hera had to learn who to be in this book, her live has span thousands of years but she never really learned the value of herself and her love, living her life for who she wants to be. She has huge responsibility up in the Heavens and on Earth she doesn’t feel like she can let her guard down but with the help of Justin and the other gods, like Hermes, stepping up, Hera just might learn who she can and can not be for her own reasons, not those forced upon her by others need for her to be strong.

Overall, I loved the mix of awesome characters, the strong plot lines, and the important messages there were to learn. The only complaint I have that keeps this from being full 5 hearts is the fact that the storyline did repeat a few times. There were a few battles or spells that were cast that seemed to be repeated in an easier fashion later on in the book, making you say “why couldn’t they have done it the easy way from the get go!” However, I can’t wait for more of this story, I’m hooked and I have to give props to this new indie author that will certainly have me waiting for the day these books are sitting on the shelves of bookstores for every teen to gobble up.

Alexa, Pages of Forbidden Love

“Hera, Queen of Gods”

Review: Hera, Queen of Gods by T.D. Thomas

I loved Hera, Queen of Gods from start to finish! The plot was fast-paced with loads of action, and the merging of Greek mythology and urban fantasy was very well done. Those of you who know me will know how much I love Greek mythology. So it's no surprise that I loved this book! Even though I've read a lot of books featuring Greek gods and goddesses, this is the first one I've read where they are, in fact, the main characters. That being said, I was really intrigued from the beginning, and T.D. Thomas did not disappoint!

Hera, Zeus, Athena, Hermes, Apollo, Artemis and Demeter are the seven Olympians who 'borrow' mortal bodies in order to search for the Fates on Earth. I really liked reading about them and discovering their unique personalities. They were, of course, very similar to the versions I've read previously, but I enjoyed this book more because it focused on them instead of, say, a demigod. Hera, Queen of Gods reminds me of Percy Jackson because of the heart-pounding action and the Greek mythology background. So if you've read and loved Percy Jackson, you'll love this!

I actually really liked Hera's character, even though she isn't supposed to be very well-liked. In fact, I definitely didn't like her in Percy Jackson. But after reading an entire book from her perspective, I've gotten a feel for her, and I found it quite easy to connect with her. I empathized with her in a lot of scenes, where she was feeling hurt because of Zeus or irritated because everyone turns to her for leadership. But she survives countless attempts on her life, and her resilience is astonishing.

Surprisingly, I also liked Zeus! Even though he's a complete ass to Hera, a lot of scenes showed that he really cared for her. I was subconsciously rooting for them to resolve their differences, but of course that wouldn't happen. Zeus has incredible strength, but he showed a really vulnerable side of him to Hera at one point, and my heart almost broke while reading it!

I loved the other gods and goddesses too - Artemis was my favourite. She's a warrior, and incredibly brave and loyal. I love how she throws herself into a fight with everything she's got. No wonder she's pretty much impossible to defeat! Apollo completely won me over with his gentle kindness and wisdom. Hermes was one god who always saw the humour in everything, and that made the book even more enjoyable for me.

While in school (yes, they attend school!), the Olympians meet Justin, a mere human. Well, okay, he's kind of special. Hera is immediately drawn to him, and he to her. Justin and Hera's slowly developing friendship and relationship was sweet to see, and Justin is practically fearless throughout the book. He saves the gods on several occasions, and they honestly wouldn't have been able to manage anything without him. He dispelled the stereotypes the gods had about humans - that they're weak and selfish. He sacrificed a lot for them, and I found that really admirable.

One warning to readers, though. T.D. Thomas isn't afraid to kill people off! I was shocked at a couple of deaths, and there were so many later that it was hard to keep track of. However, I kind of like reading about blood and gore, plus the non-stop action made it difficult for the characters to dwell on deaths. That being said, the losses were taken into stride (most of the time) and the gods focused on their mission.

Overall, Hera, Queen of Gods is an amazing debut novel by T.D. Thomas, and it was practically unputdownable. I devoured this book in two days, and I honestly can't wait for the next book in the series. Especially after that ending! Oh, cruel cliffhanger, why dost thou exist? Anyway, I'd recommend this book to all the Greek mythology lovers out there, and even if you're not into that stuff I think this would be a fun read if you like action and urban fantasy novels. This is a fun and exciting read, and I was enraptured throughout the novel.

*Thank you to T.D. Thomas for providing a copy for review*

Rating: 4/5

Richa, City of Books

Review: Hera, Queen of Gods by T.D. Thomas

Hera, Queen of the Gods by T.D. Thomas


First things first I must say that I am surprisingly impressed with this book. Initially I jumped on the bandwagon because it was about Greek Mythology. Me being a lover of all things Percy Jackson I love Greek Mythology. Problem was just as I was about to read it I noticed how much I had to read. Over 600 pages! Then I started dreading having to read this whole book. It was going to take forever... But, as I started I knew almost right away that this was going to be a faster read than I thought. It reads as fast as regular reads especially with all the fight scenes occurring. When you start getting into the meat of the story all there is, is battle after battle. No, boring fake battles where it's mostly talking. Stuff goes down.

I don't really understand why they needed to turn into teenagers but there they were. It also made no sense how only one person noticed and also tried to figure out why they were so different. There would have been even more trouble if one of them was dating anyone. There is the one boy who really takes notice in the change of their attitude. After their stunt in the cafeteria it became obvious that they weren't the same. Hera used the one ability she could take to earth in her human body with her and made a jerk out of the school's...jerk. You can't look at her eyes because then she has you. It's like a sort of hypnosis thing but worse because she can invade your mind and see your deepest darkest secrets if she wanted to. Her ability is key to the whole story and it's pretty amazing.

Justin, is the boy who keeps staring at her like her movements hold the secret of her change. He doesn't stare at the other goddesses just her. Justin proves himself time after time. Trying so hard to protect Hera but also giving her space because he knows she's not the type who wants to be protected. That's a guy who knows how to treat a woman. Their romance was tentative and had it's struggles what with monsters attacking all the time but also because Hera is not that girl. Zeus has cheated on her countless numbers of times. It's something that has brought her great pain that has built up to anger which gives her power. Everyone always turns to her, not Zeus, when a big decision needs to be made. What to do next? Let's look at Hera. She must know what to do. I felt Hera's frustration after a while. Learn to help yourself people. Anyways she's not a cheater but the more she struggles with her growing feelings with Justin the more she can't stop thinking about him. Justin was always looking after her and never really gave up on her. You might think he's just s third wheel with all that power coming from the gods but he gets his own power too. Power that tries to consume him.

I loved the Dream World and the idea of it too. I loved that humans had more power there depending on their personality. I didn't see what happens there coming. It was a great addition to the story. It was a point in the story that everything shifted for the characters and it wasn't the first time either. Artemis and Demeter are her best friends. I don't think I've mentioned it ever before but Artemis is my favorite. I loved them both. Artemis always protecting her friend but doing the same thing Justin did - giving her some space to do her own thing. I wonder why Zeus never got how to treat her. He's all bronze and no brain. He just crashes into everything and after awhile you think what on earth was he thinking? Nothing. He just does. He also flirts with some girls. I think that was the ability he brought down. He could charm any girl. Yeah, no it was most likely he's strength he brought down. Didn't like Zeus in this story. His best friend is Athena. You know the one that came out of his head? Hera does not like Athena. There are like sides between them. The gods usually pick to be behind Zeus or Hera. They aren't really even in a relationship. I don't see it. Basically everyone comes up to her and says her husband is a dog and she should be with Justin if she feels like it. But she's faithful so blah blah blah. I would have left that man a long time ago.

I've never liked Hera. She's always trying to mess with Zeus's kids which I understand but they did nothing but be born. I mean look what she did to Hercules. I think she made him crazy and made him kill his wife and kids. That's going too far. She's never made a good impression in the Percy Jackson series either. But finally I can say I sort of understand Hera better. At least the way she is here. It was nice to see her mortality showing. You could feel the weight she carried inside her. Always trying to do the right thing. You could feel her pain and anger. You could feel her love... Hera has me impressed. I'm also impressed with the author for letting me see her side in everything. I actually like her now. What finally happens with Justin and her was crazy. I don't even know exactly what happens myself. It was a little fast in the end but satisfying. I know this is a series so I'm really wondering if it will continue on with her or another god. I'm kind of hoping her but given the end I doubt it. This was a great book if you like reading about Greek Mythology and want to see other sides to the gods and goddesses.

Adriana, She's Got Books on Her Mind

Hera, Queen of the Gods by T.D. Thomas

Hera, Queen of Gods (Goddess Unbound, #1) by T.D. Thomas

Genre: YA, Urban Fantasy Rating: 4.5 Stars

Synopsis: The Fates are missing. As in the Greek Fates: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. This means that the balance between Chaos and Order is disrupted, so 7 gods come down to inhabit human bodies to try to find them: Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Demeter, Hermes, Zeus and Hera. Hera has spent ages fixing things that go wrong and making tough choices, so, with her husband Zeus, she leads the pack of gods on their hunt. But none of them expected mortals to figure out something was wrong, or that mortals would be able to help them. Especially Justin, a high school boy who is smarter than he lets on and Beth, a snobby girl who has more power than she knew.

In a race against time and a fight against monsters, the gods and their mortal allies must find the Fates and restore the Order/Chaos balance before the world ends...or die trying.

My thoughts: Having read the Percy Jackson books (including the follow up series, Heroes of Olympus), it was nice to see the Greek mythology story line take a different spin. Instead of gods manipulating the heroes, this time the gods are the heroes. Not that the mortals aren't heroes, they just have as much to do with the fight as the gods. Having a basic knowledge of the Greek gods did help me get into this book. I knew which gods had which powers and what their basic personalities were, their flaws and their strengths. Thomas does explain this to you, but since I already knew, it just flowed easily for me.

The book is written from Hera's point of view, and while she can be depicted as cold and heartless, this lets us more into her psyche and reasoning for why she acts that way. She's had the weight of the world on her shoulders (metaphorically, of course - literally would be Atlas), and it's made her suppress her emotions. It was neat to imagine how all that stress would effect someone, even a god.

Justin and Beth were wonderful characters, especially Justin. I just loved him - brave, strong and hopelessly sweet. Totally swoon-worthy. The other mortals, Sarah, Stella and the witches, were great: brave and self-sacrificing. But not all of the mortals were great - don't want to romanticize things here! Also, this isn't all sunshine and roses at the end. Be prepared for some losses, and be prepared to be upset by them.

I really enjoyed this book and am really looking forward to the next book. This one is face paced (I was almost exhausted by how fast paced it was!), fun and exciting. It keeps the pages turning and there's never a dull moment. I recommend this for fans of the Percy Jackson books and anyone who likes a sweet romance set among gods, mortals and high school.

And wouldn't you know it, but the book is free today on Amazon? Lucky you! So go download it. And if it's no longer free, buy it. It's only $0.99.

Sus, Book Reviews by Sus

Hera, Queen of Gods

Hera, Queen of the Gods by T.D. Thomas {Book Review}

T.D. pens "Hera, Queen of the Gods" in a plot that was well written and packed with action, magick and romance. Knowing a bit about Greek Mythology, Gods and Goddess, I had no problems following the story, and honestly feel that anyone that has a basic knowledge (which 99% of us do in one way or another) will be able to follow along also. A well crafted story with strong characters that I recommend to all YA and not so YA readers.

I give "Hera, Queen of the Gods" a 4 star rating.

Susan Peck, My Cozie Corner

Hera, Queen of the Gods by T.D. Thomas {Book Review}

{Book review} Hera, Queen of Gods by T.D. Thomas

My thoughts:

This book was great! I read it non stop until I finished it, there was no possible way for me to put it down that is how good it was. It was action from the first to the last page and there were a lot of unexpected things happening in this book that made my mouth hit the floor. This book was so worth my time!

I loved Hera! She is such a force and she is unstoppable like a bulldozer when she wants something. Actually in the beginning of the story she sort of got on my nerves because she was so unsympathetic but she grows as a character and you just have to love her and her strength. I also really love Justin and even though he is "just" a human he is really strong and is a force of his own in this book. He doesn't take any bullshit from the other gods and I love that!

This story was kind of fast paced and a lot happened in this story but I really enjoyed that. The only thing I missed was some moments between Hera and Justin. There is love there but there was so much happening all the time with their fight with some unknown enemy that there was really no time for romance and I wished that there had been some room for it in the story but other than that I loved it. And maybe there is more of that in the sequel?

To sum it up, this is a story that will have you hooked until the end and is well worth your time.

Cecilia, Barefoot Rather Than Bookless

{Book review} Hera, Queen of Gods by T.D. Thomas

Hera, Queen of Gods by T.D. Thomas

“Hera, Queen of Gods” was such a surprise to me! I have always been interested in mythology, may it be Greek, Roman, Egyptian or Norse Mythology. I used to devour all kind of books around this topic when I was a child, especially Wolfgang Hohlbein’s or Ralf Isau’s books, which always involved a lot of gods, mystic creatures and the like. Undoubtedly, I was very happy to receive an eMail from T.D. Thomas, offering me his book as a review copy! (:

The story revolves around a bunch of Greek Gods, who have come down to earth in mortal form in order to find The Fates who went missing. Without The Fates, trouble and disasters are waiting to happen on earth. Under tremendous time pressure, they are trying to find out what exactly happened to Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. Soon they find out, that there must be a traitor in heaven, who teamed up with a malicious human being on earth. Their evil plan obviously is to destroy the entire existence of mankind. To stop this madness, Hera and her divine fellows must overcome uncountable obstacles and ambushes to save the world. Justin, a mortal, joins them and soon becomes an important and valuable member of the small group – if not even the most important one.

Everything in this story is set in a modern environment – it’s like Gods walking on earth nowadays, saving the world, without us even knowing or noticing it. I found this idea very interesting and can tell that the author has put a lot of effort in the world building, has researched everything about Greek mythology intensively and, most importantly, created characters that are likeable and who don’t act like complete idiots all the time.

Hera must be one of the strongest heroines I read about in a long time. Nothing about her is weak, she’s not a lovesick nutcase, instead she has a lot of wit, is sarcastic and wouldn’t hesitate one second to sacrifice herself for the greater good – admittedly though, not without going with a big fucking bang. Her fury can be devastating. I liked Hera a lot, which is rather rare these days with all those overly confused heroines in every other book.

As the story is told through Hera’s PoV, we don’t get much insight in the other character’s motivations and thoughts, but the author made me care about them just as much as about Hera nonetheless. With Justin we got some great character evolvement. I’ve been impressed how much he changes during the read, considering he was just a rather introverted boy in the beginning, quiet but a good observer. The other characters show some development as well. Especially Hera has to leave her well-known path of heroic self-abandonment and solitude, when she starts to feel real love (influenced by her mortal body or not, who knows) and has to question everything she believed in during the last centuries. It completely blows her mind.

It was a very fast-paced, action-loaded and exciting read, written in an imaginative and captivating style. However, I could’ve used a little break from all the action now and then – it was overwhelming sometimes. They’re running somewhere, fleeing from some monster, escaping with a lot of luck, just to end up in the next ambush, fighting again and almost dying – my poor thyroid did not like all the adrenaline pumping in my body xD

Which leads me to my next point: There was just too much of “almost-dying”. I mean, you can only be so much on the edge of dying, only so close to close your eyes forever. At some point, when all possible humanly/godly strength is gone, it’s over. You die. But not in this book. Somehow they always draw some more strength from somewhere they don’t even know, and survive just a bit longer, now even more on the ultimate edge of dying, and of course are saved in the last dramatic second. It got a bit annoying after a while.

Also, the end left me a little disappointed. With all the tension built up in regards to the traitor and his companion and who it could possibly be, the final revelation didn’t shock me all that much. Somehow, I was expecting (and hoping) for the unexpected – unfortunately, the final “twist and turn”, that I made myself ready for, never happened.

Overall, I very much enjoyed reading “Hera, Queen of Gods” though and will certainly read the sequel when it is released. It’s a great book, which I would strongly recommend to lovers of YA fantasy literature and mythology.

Cory, Paper Flutterby

Hera, Queen of Gods by T.D. Thomas

Hera Queen Of Gods by T.D. Thomas Review and Giveaway

First of all I have to get this out of the way, the author of this book was a fucking GUY!!!

Why is that a big deal you ask?? Because this book is written in a FEMALE first person POV!! I have yet to read ANYTHING from a guy that captures the emotion of a woman as well as Thomas has with Hera! As far as I know good ole Nick Sparks writes from the guys' POV (Correct if I'm wrong!) This book had everything you could want in a book! It had action, drama, a little romance and a kick ass heroine full of Piss and Vinegar! It starts out with this group of Greek Gods taking form in mortal bodies in the human world, sent to find the "FATES". What are the "Fates"? Well they keep the balance between Chaos and Peace in the worlds and someone has taken them. Hera along with Zeus (her two timing husband) Athena, Hermes, Demeter and a few others team up with a mortal kid named Justin to try and find whomever is responsible for stealing the "Fates". (Don't worry if your Greek Mythology is rusty, the story gives you a little back history of who is who throughout) Whoever has stolen the "Fates" has also recruited a mortal to spy on the group of Gods and Justin and tracks their every move making it difficult to continue. Throughout their journey they meet new friends, and lose others, they come across new enemies hell bent on destroying them and keeping them from figuring out who is behind this. As Hera spends more time in mortal form she starts to develop feelings for Justin. But Hera being Queen of Gods and married to the philandering Zeus refuses to acknowledge her feelings to anyone, especially Justin!

OMG you guys! throughout the book i found myself rooting for Justin and Hera! Even though she is a God and he is just mortal and Zeus is a dick! As they continue to fight side by side Hera and Justin become close and poor Justin sacrifices a lot for her. That is what I loved about Justin. He started out as this shy quiet little human boy, but as the plot thickened he grew some balls and became a little more gutsy with Hera.

“I’m in love with you, Hera,” he said. “I’m in love with you.”

“Stop fighting for something you don’t even want anymore,” Justin said. “I’m willing to fight for you, Hera. I’ve fought monsters for you.” He looked up and spread his arms to the sky. “I’ll fight Zeus for you.” Then he looked back at me. “And I’ll fight you for you if I have to.”

Needless to say I fell hard for Justin! He was absolutely swoon worthy. Not only did he protect and care for Hera, but he also laid his life on the line several times to save her. He ends up going through a major change that ends up working in the Gods' favor halfway in that gave me hope for them. NO matter how many times she saw him sacrifice, and protect her though she stuck by her duty as a God to protect humanity and continue being married to that Nut sack Face Zeus! UGH! Talk about frustrating! I wanted to strangle the ever loving shit outta Hera several times! I can't hate on her too bad though, because she is pretty damn bad ass when you need her to be!


WHOO! You all know I love a woman who can kick ass and take names and Hera does! I love how she didn't just sit back and let the others' fight for her because she was Queen. She got her hands dirty, and wasn't afraid to put herself on the line for everyone else. I was pleasantly surprised to find humor during some of the more intense moments in the book and the supporting characters helped lighten the mood. Especially Hermes. I think he was my favorite supporting character in the story.

“Could you maybe give us a sec?” Justin asked Hermes. He was mortified.

“Hell, no, I love drama,” Hermes replied, eyes bright.

“We’re not dead yet,” I said. “Yay?” Hermes replied.

You gotta love Hermes for the laughter he brings to the story but also he had moments of quiet sincerity that caught me off guard.

“Hera,” Hermes said gently. “Let it go. You know what Zeus does to you isn’t love. Betraying your trust over and over again, when you’ve made perfectly clear how it’s destroying you, that isn’t love. But Justin, what he’s done for you, what he’d do for you without a second thought, now that’s love.”

Aww! Now that was sweet! As the story continues you find out little by little who took the "Fates" and that will hit you like a sucker punch! I thought it was one person but it turned out to be someone else entirely! I was holding my breath and sitting on the edge of my seat as the story drew to a close wondering how it would end. You wanna know how it ended???

BAM! Yes folks, it happens! And at a part in the story where you are salivating to find out more!!! I hate it but I LOVE it! A Cliffhanger can either ruin a book or add to the suspense and mystery and the way this one ended was very very good! I am hoping with fingers, toes and eyes crossed for a sequel!! UNGGG! The book was fantastic, it was long so be prepared to be in it for at least two days without distractions, a week if you have kids lol! Hera Queen Of Gods was a hidden gem that needs to be shared! If you love Greek Mythology as much as I do and have watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding 8 Bazillion times also, then you will love this book! (It has jack shit to do with the movie but it's all Greek to me lol! See what I did there?) This is a must read and I strongly recommend you check it out!!

Hootie, Globug & Hootie Need a Book

Hera Queen Of Gods by T.D. Thomas Review and Giveaway

Hera, Queen of Gods

I really wish I would have payed attention to the fact that Hera: Queen of Gods was the beginning of a series. Because I don't know how long I'll be able to wait for the next one to come out. T.D. Thomas astounded me with this novel. I couldn't put it down! Time rushed by as I flew through the (estimated) 536 pages. I've never read a book this long in so short of a time period. Needless to say, I loved it!

Hera is Queen of Gods, so obviously she's a bit of a badass. And who can resist a main character like that? She selfless in her quest to save the worlds, willing to sacrifice many in order to save more. Hera demands respect, from other characters and readers. Readers may have a small problem connecting to her based on her single vision to save existence no matter what happens, but most readers will understand her point of view. Thus, bonding with her based on her ability to focus on what needs to be done.

The book is told in Hera's point of view, but readers will love the supporting cast of characters! Hermes is incredibly entertaining. Artemis intrigues readers with her shape-shifting. Zeus will not only anger characters but also evoke strong emotion for what he goes through. Same goes for Athena. Readers may need tissues when it comes to Athena.

And then there's Justin. The mortal who discovers he's a Dreamer and, therefore, can navigate and create Dreamlands. He's as selfless as Hera, though his motivation is love. He's an intense character to doesn't hesitate to help the Gods as they search for the missing Fates. Readers will connect with Justin based on his easy acceptance, his heroic personality, and his feelings for Hera.

The plot and epilogue set up the characters for a sequel. Readers will be hoping T.D. Thomas is a very fast writer upon conclusion of this novel. Highly recommended for lovers of Young Adult!

Rating: 4.5/5 Cups

Tracy Kiser, The Coffee Pot

Hera, Queen of Gods

Hera, Queen of Gods

I loved this book.

Love more than chocolate kind of love. Sidenote: Written by a Canadian, which I can note possibly be more proud of.

I was burning through the pages and found myself looking up at the clock realizing I was up way past the bed time of a mom with a young toddler.

This is one of those books you have to fight to put down it is just that great.

The Gods that come down from the heavens borrow human bodies so they can complete their mission and find the fates.

I didn't know what to expect getting into this book. But I was completely sucked in.

This book has non stop action, is down right hilarious at times and has characters you can not help but love.

The writing is incredible. The author had a very clear picture in mind and he weaves his story so well you easily lose yourself. If you're anything like me, you might even find yourself holding your breath while reading.

I loved Hera, her struggle was intense yet not over done to the point you felt like she was over done.

I adored her interactions with everyone. Though I admit I wanted to smack Zeus around in the beginning.

Hera and Justin were my absolute favourite. My favourite couple who weren't a couple. I found myself really wishing for those two.

Hera, Queen of Gods kept me guessing right up until the end (and then it floored me) about who was behind the kidnapping of the fates. I never would have guessed who was behind it.

I also absolutely never would have seen that cliffhanger coming either. Ahem.(Book two needs to come out like YESTERDAY!) I'm not sure I have read a book with so much action packed in that managed to make it flow and not feel like the author was trying to pack too much into the end and rushing things until now.

Reread value is definitely there a thousand times over. I can not get enough of this book and can not wait to read it again.

Buy this book, you can thank me later.

By unorthodox mama


A well-crafted, modern day Greek myth.

A well-crafted, modern day Greek myth. Thomas does a stellar job blending ancient Greek mythology with the currently popular urban fantasy craze. We are brought into the story watching through the eyes of Hera, the greek goddess of old, as her associate Athena convinces an ordinary high school boy to recite the words that will allow a god to inhabit his body. The gods need to be in mortal bodies to discover what had happened to the Fates, a trio of sisters that control the destiny of the world. If they die, the world ends.

In the guise of high school students, the ancient gods and goddesses Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Demeter and Hermes begin their quest to discover where the Fates are hidden. They are only allowed one divine power and they cannot communicate with Olympus. Their mission gets trickier as a mortal boy, Justin, with a strange fascination for Hera inserts himself into the group and they are chased by the deadly monsters of chaos. It gets even worse when they discover the gods can die if killed in their mortal bodies and that their is a traitor amongst them. It is up to Hera to discover the path that will save them all.

I am an avid reader of Greek Mythology, so I had some intrepid feelings in the beginning. But the author handles the powerful history of said mythology with care. The characters stretch their confines, but remain true to their heritage, except perhaps the main character, Hera. In my opinion the author is a little too rule-bending with the relationship between Zeus and Hera, as well as Hera's nature, but as this appears to be the first in a series, maybe she means to rein it back in.

The prose is well-crafted, easy to read, with only a couple name changes that made me stumble. At one point Justin is named Aaron, but it only happens once.

I believe this is meant to be a YA since the gods inhabit teenage bodies, but it reads more adult. I hope in the future books the author will foray into adult bodies and allow the possibility of a more physical connection with the mortals as so much of Greek mythology is based on that.

All in all, I would say this is a great read and would recommend it to fans of Mercedes Lackey, Robin McKinnley, or Anne Bishop.

By Mary C. Moore